The Trypt Up – Love’s gone bad

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The Trypt Up – Love’s gone bad

Love’s Gone Bad / Burnt / Black Wood / Sandy’s Fantasy

Yes, they may ply their trade on knackered vintage Vox relics and yes, they do dig the yesterday sounds of Yank-Punk and Brit-Beat but there’s more to the Trypt Up than retrospective warblings. That’s why you’ll find a wyld combination of Mods, Bikers, Punks, Skaters and even students at their live performances. People who have seen and heard them know that the 6Ts angle is merely the tip of the pyramid, a combined appreciation of the Medway sound and the adrenalin and amphetamine powered offerings from the likes of 5:30, Spitfire, Ride and Spacemen 3 have all added fuel to the fire. This EP brings you one cover version and three original tracks including a blinding Organ Fuelled Instrumental that not only pays homage to “Club International’s” sexy babe Sandy, but earnt them the opportunity to appear with her in the top shelf mag, whilst the band kept their clothes on, dear Sandy certainly didn’t! While boys sported embarrassing stares, Sandy wore nothing but a Trypt Up Sticker!!