Spams Return Of The Spud Gun Kids

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Spams Return Of The Spud Gun Kids

(Excellent, adventurous artpoppunk from the boondocks, although it’s really one of those things that might have happened even if Punk never did, despite lacking any obvious roots in what came before. Imagine if the Motors had made a clean break from pubrock (there’s no pubrock here at all) or Starjets with less powerpop and more challenging melodies. Jet without glam? (no powerpop, glam or Messthetics here, either, though there’s a couple postpunkish things at the end, though even those sound more like the Sex Clark Five…) Serious talents, anyway, and highly recommended.

Detour: Four Bored Teenagers from Tupton in Chesterfield got together in the late 70s in order to make an impression and to be heard in this ever decreasing back drop to the dull and dreary Britain. Punk was happening in all the major cities of the UK but Tupton was miles away from where it was happening. Not to be deterred, they got their act together and start playing all the local haunts. A few months later they ventured into a studio and recorded a few tracks. Two of which would be brought out as the band’s debut single in a pressing of only 500 copies on the highly collectable ‘Ellie Jay’ label. This single has now become quite a highly prized possession in all Punk record collections around the world!
The band set about promoting the single but sadly caused an uproar in and around their area by playing loud and raucous music. They were banned from the Station Hotel in Alfreton as they had upset the Country & Western singer who was performing down stairs, a near riot at the Barrow Hill Memorial Club and to top it all off, the local pub banned them for unacceptable behaviour! PUNK ROCK!
Limited pressing of only 200 copies: 14 tracks!!)