The Pitiful The Deptford Sessions 1978

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The Pitiful The Deptford Sessions 1978

(This press release will be a bit different to most press releases as we wont go on about how great these tracks are or that they are long lost gems etc. These recordings are rough and ready, very chaotic and even shambolic in places. This is PUNK ROCK at grass root level, four teenagers with no past musical experience that were in the right place and the right time! The live recordings actually features two ex members of The 101ers, Mole and Richard Dudanski who would eventually end up playing drums on Public Image Ltd debut album.
These recordings are a piece of PUNK ROCK HISTORY!!!
Studio Tracks: Photograph, Working Class Gourmet, Monopoly
Live Tracks from Live at Kings Head, Deptford in February 1978
I Remember You, Beaverbrook, Something Else, The Man With No Name, Faith Healer, Photograph, 30 Second Romance, A Love Dirge, Working Class Gourmet, Barbara Ann, Move It, Something Else. Live at Kings Head, Deptford in April 1978
Beaverbrook, Something Else, I Remember You, Working Class Gourmet, Faith Healer, Belsen Was A Gas, Peggy Sue, Barbara Ann , Something Else, 30 Second Romance)