The Zeros – Lost Boys : 1977 – 1979

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The Zeros – Lost Boys : 1977 – 1979

Formed in 1977 out of boredom, frustration and the lack of exciting music…. When Punk first hit it made a BIG impact on so many disenchanted youths of that blank generation that many took up the calling and started forming bands throughout the UK. One such teenager was Steve Godfrey whose outlook in Walthamstow was just so typical of that time.

The only thing that teenagers in that area looked forward to was milling around the local record shop SMALL WONDER records which was situated at 162 Hoe Street. They quickly acknowledged the new music scene and started stocking all the latest Punk sounds that were being released on small DIY labels. With this in mind, the owner Pete Stennett decided to start up his own label as so many new bands sprung up…

One such band was THE ZEROS who was the second release on this newly formed label… The tracks “Hungry” backed with “Radio Fun” hit the streets in November 1977 and made a BIG impression and hit No 1 in the NME punk chart that month and more excitement followed when the legendary John Peel invited them into Radio 1 to do a Peel session.

In the next year or so they played all the regular Punk haunts / dives including the legendary “Roxy Club”, Vortex, Hope and Anchor etc.

In 1978, the band signed to “The Label” and did a split release with a track called “What’s Wrong With A Pop Group”. The single was release in early 1979 and the label mis-spelt the name of the track to …“What’s Wrong With Pop Group”.

The band only found out about this new single after reading it in a music paper. Sadly the band split a few months later.

Now for the first time you can hear all the bands UNRELEASED demos and the three tracks that came out on SMALL WONDER & THE LABEL.

The Zeros were :-

Steve Godfrey (Guitar / Vocals)

Steve Cotton (Bass / Vocals)

Phil Gaylor (Drums / Vocals)