Stella Maris Music Conspiracy Operation Mindfuck

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Stella Maris Music Conspiracy Operation Mindfuck

(The S M M C band was born around 2008 in Livorno. Sassicaia Molotov (vox); Angelo (guitar) and Hagbard Celine at drums are the founding members. Each of them comes from different experiences and different bands (Lanciafiamme, UNS, The Ravings, Mumblers). The three musicians have contributed to the birth of the Granducato Harcore scene between Livorno and Pisa. Padre Gianni aka Captain Lovestar at the bass (Lip Colour Revolution) e Alex Keith Gefferson, the rythm guitar (Funhouse), join the band later.
The SMMC’s music is inspired by garage rock of the Detroit sound scene (Stooges, MC5, Radio Birdman) and reflects the heritage of the punk harcore roots to create a sort of peculiar power pop core .
Their music philosophy is the DIY (Do it yourself), based on the concept of self-production so as don’t get trapped in those cages cultural proposals from all that is showbiz. For this personal reason the S M M C collaborate with an independent label, Area Pirata , that works proudly to the promotion of music and freedom’s ideas.
Operation Mindfuck (Area Pirata) is their debut album and it’s OUT NOW!!!)