Radio Birdman – Radios Appear (Trafalgar Version)

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Radio Birdman – Radios Appear (Trafalgar Version)

(‘Radios Appear’ was Radio Birdman’s first full length album. It was originally released in 1977 on the Trafalgar label, which was founded specifically to release their records. In addition to mail order, the album was literally distributed by hand and out of the back of cars. The band thus wrote the Australian handbook on DIY independent music. The LP was hailed as a breakthrough album in Australian music, a turning point after the scene’s early and mid seventies stagnation. ‘Radios Appear’ was given a 5-star review in Rolling Stone, and the album gave the band a needed boost to depart Sydney as a national touring entity, while still maintaining their renegade status. Out of print for 25 years, the album now returns on 140-gram black audiophile vinyl with remastered sound from the original tapes. The standard jacket closely reproduces the original artwork and the black & white innersleeve features band photos. Also included is a download coupon. High energy rock to be filed next to MC5, Stooges, Saints!)