One Horse Band ‎– Useless Propaganda (Blue, Transparent vinyl)

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One Horse Band ‎– Useless Propaganda (Blue, Transparent vinyl)

Useless Propaganda is the third album by the Milan-based ONE HORSE BAND, a mysterious creature known as the loudest one-man band on planet Earth.

Recorded in Toronto, Canada, produced and mixed by the Los Angeles rock producer Dave Schiffman (who has worked for bands like Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), the new LP dials down the aggression in favor of reflection.

Coming from a strict do-it-yourself philosophy and a fast & loud attitude, the One Horse Band has not completely left its rawness behind but carefully redefined it in a more mature and polished dress.
Useless Propaganda intentionally rips apart the idea of what the One Horse Band is and represents, sounding like a fine-tuned mash-up between alternative rock, garage noise, and punk anger.
Lyrics are getting very personal, but even the most introspective moments are delivered with the same desperation and represent a voice of righteous rage in the modern age.

Useless Propaganda is an intimate journey from innocence to disillusion, a new evolutionary stage in the One Horse Band path, and a painful scream that will probably remain unheard.