Intellectuals In The Middle Of Darkwhere

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Intellectuals In The Middle Of Darkwhere

(The fourth LP by one of the longest-living punk bands in Rome. This one is the darkest, as the title suggests; an ode to the political and cultural decadence currently swallowing the Mediterranean. Here, our post-post-modern troubadours sing our dark times through nine tunes and five interludes that range from Black Flaggish brutality to Jonathan Richman melancholic playfulness. The little apartment punk interludes fill in the gaps between different states of mind and the result is like an half hour of no-stop descending in a creepy/fun Intellectuals theme park. As usual, the now stably four piece band (with the addition of Strasbourg little legend Cheb Samir, also in Jeetkune’ fame artists Bobsleigh Baby and Caputtini ‘I Lignu) delivers a milkshake of different sounds and atmospheres, although still dwelling in their tradition of loud punk attitude which peaks in short, fast, and wild anthems.It’s gonna make you cry, laugh, dance, get in a fight, and kick a can on the street at night)



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