Ferro Solo – Almost Mine Part III: The Fernando Chronicles

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Etichetta: Riff Records / Hellnation


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Ferro Solo – Almost Mine Part III: The Fernando Chronicles

A lustre after its predecessor and six years after my debut as Iron Solo, ‘Almost Mine Part III: The Fernando Chronicles’ the third and final chapter of Fernando’s misadventures sees the light of day.
“Ferruccio Quercetti, guitarist and soul of the Bolognese band Cut, since 2018 has devoted himself to a parallel solo career that departs from the “mother band” while maintaining its roots and compositional traits. Cut’s impetuosity and ferocity are diluted in a varied and eclectic sound that if, not infrequently, approaches J Mascis and Bob Mould with that irresistible singer-songwriter and melodic punk rock, at other times relies on melancholic acoustic ballads, a Prince cover, “When You Were Mine,” and a constant seasoning of soul. Aiding him are a host of loyal friends and a first-rate creative verve. More than excellent” thus Tony Face from the columns of RadioCoop.