Fatso Jetson Live At Maximum Festival

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Fatso Jetson Live At Maximum Festival

Straight from the stage of Maximum Festival 2013, the Fatso Jetson’s performance has been released on vinyl by Go Down Records. Band at the antipodes of the stoner rock wave, Fatso Jetson always remained unfairly at the corners of the mainstream scene, even though we’re talking of a band between the initiators of the movement, along with Kyuss and Fu Manchu, and with the last one they also share the provenience, Palm Desert. If we add that Mario and Larry Lalli were also among the founders of Yawning Man, we understand how these people have been vital to the creation and development of desert rock. Though spiritual fathers of a musical genre that made of repeatition its trump card, Fatso Jetson stand out from any other band for their mobile and heterogeneous sound, especially since 2010, when the band came back on the scene, after eight years of silence, with a record that sounded almost “punk” .The live @ Maximum Festival, Go Down Records’ festival, shows that not only Fatso Jetson are more alive than ever, but also their professional growth.Today, the band sounds like a mix between hard-rock, jazz, blues, country, and pshichedelic prog, with a monolithic stoner indelible trace. 50 minutes of tight and aggressive live show, driven by the eclectic and eccentric voice of Mario Lalli. Go Down Records pays the tribute to one of the most important band of the scene, that made the label famous and, in return, hoping to give back a little gratification this band deserves