The Urgent Kicks – In the Wrong Place

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The Urgent Kicks – In the Wrong Place

(The Urgent Kicks is the last sensation of punk-rock in Barcelona. Formed by five guys who sweat blood playing their instruments because that is the crux of the punk rock, and of life. Punk and Rock’n’Roll aren’t disciplines to learn, is something which is in one’s blood, or not, and the 11 minutes that last the 5 swift, vitaminized, and urgent songs included in this ep are enough to make clear that in these case really is in their blood. If you think that punk rock is made from a material distant to plastic, if you don’t give a fuck fashion and looking, if the image of five guys giving everything on stage still excites you, and if you think that punk rock is more, much more, than the new trend of this spring-summer 2013, you’ll love The Urgent Kicks cause they incarnate it as very few bands nowadays. “In The Wrong Place EP” proves it with strength, immediacy and conviction. How difficult is to find these attributes today!)