The Mourning After – Just Walk Away

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The Mourning After – Just Walk Away

(From the rugged and powerful garage punk of their early years, back in ’87, The Mourning After have totted up a vast selection with their sights always firmly set on the music of the sixties. They are much more than a retro or revival band. Oh yes, so much more! They are, quite simply, a band with a personality of their own. You’ll understand what I mean once you listen to these two songs – two soothin pills for the soul, and the feet! The impactful and efficient ‘Just Walk Away’: powerful rhythm with a groovy reminiscence and the weight of The Prisoners. Hints of R&B and rhythm changes charged with energy and determination complete this gunshot of a tune! Bravo! On the B side you’ll find the hard melody of ‘Sweet Scotchy Rose’. Wonderful tempo. A compact and seamless delight. Like a rose: beautiful with thorns. High carat folky garage.
(Juanito Wau)