The Manges / Peawees ‎– Rumble In The Cement Jungle (Blue Traslucent vinyl)

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The Manges / Peawees ‎– Rumble In The Cement Jungle (Blue Traslucent vinyl)

Striped Records presents ‘Rumble in The Cement Jungle’, a 7″ split between Manges and Peawees.
If we talk about punk-rock, rock’n’roll and Las Pezia we inevitably end up dealing with Manges and Peawees, two bands with a career spanning more than twenty years, bound by a deep friendship.
For the first time, Andrea and co. and Hervé and co. are trying their hand at a split with their lifelong friends, a split in which the Manges play two Peawees songs and vice versa.
We start off with the punk rock quartet immediately blasting out a killer By My Side (bear in mind that By My Side is my favourite song from Dead End City and the fact that it is being reinterpreted by one of my favourite Italian bands has created good emotions right from the first listen), followed by an equally impeccable Tomorrow I’ll Be Done.
The Peawees certainly don’t stand by and respond with In My Head and Serenity Now, masterfully rearranged in the style for which Hervé and the rest of the band are standard-bearers throughout Europe.
The match ends 2 to 2, but musically speaking the beauty of this 7″ is that the pieces seem to have been written to be reinterpreted and played back to each other. And if you’ll pardon the pun…
7″ to absolutely have.


Side A:
The Manges: By My Side
The Manges: Tomorrow I’ll Be Done
Side B:
The Peawees: In My Head
The Peawees: Serenity Now