The Last Killers – Dangerous

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The Last Killers – Dangerous

(Increasingly fierce, the Closer Records Team has it in mind to comb the world over: Europe in particular to find the wildest R’N’R pearls and offer them up to you; Bruce Joyner (USA), The Curse (Sweden), Peter Zaremba (USA), Crummy Stuff (Canada) Primevals (Scotland), The Dark Rags (Greece), The Trap (Switzerland) … Now here they are … The Last Killers, a shaggy and bloodthirsty quartet from Ravenna, Italy. If their background, in addition to the gang’s recent efforts, smelt of the noblest of 60’s Garage persuasions, The Last Killers channel the history of the Rock’n’Roll groove as homage to the classic savagery of Little Richard or The Sonics and bear the torch last carried by none other than the Jim Jones Revue. With “Dangerous”, our Trans-Alpiners unleash their demons without restraint and fire off a flurry of hits right out of the gate! The 60’s organ lines that haunted their first release leave more room for frantic piano parts (à la “The Killer”, Jerry Lee Lewis), the beat gets straight to the point without embellishment or flourish, the guitars spread in all directions, fuzzy and distorted, the nasty and rabid vocals erupt, reminiscent of the good ol’ Gerry Roslie days… As you can see, all the ingredients are gathered here for a pure & wild Rock’n’Roll album, combative and extremely tense, like Jake Lamotta on speed!)