The Celibate Rifles – Damo The Musical

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The Celibate Rifles – Damo The Musical

This tribute to Damien Lovelock was recorded live at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on September 22nd 2019. Rifles members past and present shared the stage with a host of guest singers including Ben Brown (Hellmenn), Evil Dick (Hits), the ageless Jeff Duff and mega-fan Jello Biafra, frontman for The Guantanamo School of Medicine and founding member of the Dead Kennedys.
This LP is a dozen songs from the night and a fitting tribute to the man widely known as Damo. With his place at the centre stage mic vacant, some friends had to fill it. More on them later, but first some observations.
O Salvation – Bill Gibson
I Shoulda – Jello Biafra
Spirits – Ben Brown
Let’s Get Married – Jello Biafra
Sweet Jane – Jeff Duff
Back In The Red – Jello Biafra
Gonna Cry – Ben Brown
Cold Wind – Dick Richards
Tubular Green – Ian Martin
Rainforest – Kent Steedman
Dirty Deeds – Lloyd Gyi
Wild Desire – Bill Gibson