Los Malinches En El Àgua

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Los Malinches En El Àgua

(Los Malinches started driven by an interest to recreate a band able to bring back the sounds from the nueva ola and Psych Garage Surf, which were protagonists in a lot of latin american groups, by the end of the sixties. It all began at Precolombino Studios, 2016, producing only analogically, until they released their first singles, one of those in vinil format and through LMI Records, containing the songs "Saeta" and "Nunca". Besides that, they already have a lot of audiovisual material available across the main digital platforms. They also join the new Rhythm and Blues star, Tito Ramírez, in his second single, released in 2017.

In 2018, their first LP, "En el Agua", will be released. Everything looks bright for this new band, which during live performances sets up a powerful combo and has as its members musicians from Galleta Piluda and Los Granadians del espacio exterior (among others).
Don’t wait up to listen to their music, able to embrace genres such as popsike, freakbeat, garage psych, surf, latin rock, etc…)