Heavy Mod – Dirty Deeds EP

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Heavy Mod – Dirty Deeds EP

(Heavy Mod formed in 2011 and are predominately a live act but are proud that they have finally captured their energy and powerful riffs and grooves in the studio. Their main influences come from the sixties english r&b scene which undoubtedly can be heard on this ep but with a modern heavy twist. Crowd pleasing classics give way to original material that proves heavy mod know their roots and have the chops to get the job done by facing the task of taking the past into the future and music to the masses. Heavy mod never do a cynical re-cycling of the past but channel the sounds that have made britain great. In these days of lies, secret handshakes and done-deals, heavy mod provide authenticity. <<< only 200 copies pressed so be quick!!!!!!! >>> features

– Dirty deeds

– The speakeasy

– I’ve been waiting

– Back out in the street

– Clay v cooper)