Fanscene – French Poetry

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Fanscene – French Poetry

(Back in the early 80s, sweden was one of the most prolific countries in producing some of the best and finest garage bands in the world… First they gave us "the creeps", followed by other prime examples ….The crimson shadows, the stomach mouths, the nomads etc… Then as we moved on a few years sweden was over flooded with shoe-gazers and cardigans-wannabes in the 1990s when fanscene energetically jumped on the scene with rickenbackers, vox distortion, a keith moon-style drummer, and obvious influences from power pop, mod revival, and garage rock. They were of course completely out of fashion but were nevertheless popular with the audiences and the swedish indie music press. Sound affects, the number one swedish music-mag at the time, labeled them the most talked about unsigned act in the country. Fanscene were eventually signed to silver records and released the five track cd "french poetry ep" in 1997. The record received great reviews, and fanscene celebrated with a few fun-fillled and action-packed shows in their hometown uppsala before suddenly calling it a day. "french poetry ep" was sold out in a couple of weeks and has never been available since. Detour records now proudly presents the title track as a limited edition vinyl single. This is timeless power pop, and it sounds just as catchy and charming today as it did in 1997! <<< only 250 copies pressed on vinyl and 150 of these are going straight to sweden! >>>

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