Thee Martian Boyfriends! S/t

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Thee Martian Boyfriends! S/t

(Out of the Red Planet (That is Mars, for you Morons!) come 4 little green men with a huge organ named Thee Martian Boyfriends! When their flying saucer crashed somewhere in New Mexico, they were horrified by the ugly sounds they heard on the radio. So they decided to teach the earthlings a lesson in good taste and stepped in the nearest pawnshop. All they could find was an old Farfisa organ, a 1964 Fender Jaguar and a fuzz box but they thought this old shit was good enough. Once they turned up the volume all hell broke loose..the songs were drenched with fuzzed out guitar and cheesy organ sounds. So people of the Blue Planet, you better run for cover or learn how to dance the Martian Boogaloo because these new kings of Fuzz are here to conquer the world and No Human Will Get Out Alive….)