The Vice – Singing Around

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The Vice – Singing Around

(Moscow’s scene is pretty damn active lately. Along with The Thunderbeats LP, here’s a new teen combo, The Vice wich is getting bigger and better and surely deserves your attention. Mixing jangly folk-garage-pop with hints of indie rock the lads have released a terrific four track debut-EP. Expecting to see them live in Europe pretty soon all you can do is enjoy the record, expecting also a complete album planned for early 2014. You’ll probably find yourself singing around their songs in the shower or driving your car. Yes they’re that catchy too! Last but not least the four track’s housed in a beautiful purple illustration cover, courtesy of our artist Alessandra Monoriti, that captures the moodiness as well as the tension of this debut. Cockney-speaking customers beware, these guys’ Russian accent might be too strong and not just your cup of tea, but hell, they have the sound, the looks, focus and the attitude!)