The Strange Flowers – Vagina Mother

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Etichetta: Go Down


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The Strange Flowers – Vagina Mother

(The Strange Flowers have always had a peculiar approach to psychedelic rock, far away from revivalist clichs, an attitude that once again is found in the 12 tracks of Vagina Mother, where the collaboration with Federico Guglielmi finally completes the modernization process that had begun with Aeroplanes In The Backyard. Vagina Mother can be considered a contemporary record from the beginning to the end, where the maturity and freshness of songwriting, the intelligence and modernity of the arrangements, the rigorous choice of analog sounds, not to mention a solid studio performance, make a peace of very high artistic value. Vagina Mother is complete and various, absolutely convincing. It surprises you in every single episode, stating loud and clear that The Strange Flowers are one of the most valuable acts of independent rock today. A jewel you cannot miss!)