The Strange Flowers Ortoflorovivaistica

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Etichetta: Beyond Your Mind


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The Strange Flowers Ortoflorovivaistica

(The album begins with Mars Behind Our Eyes, a cool psyched out track with a beautiful dreamy sound. John On The Moon is more of a folk ballad type thing with a bit of a spaced out sound. The Ghost In Your Room is next and a really cool song. This is where the record really takes off into its own sort of Syd Barrett early Pink Floyd inspired vibe. The Spider In The Clock ends side 1 and is very Syd Barrett influenced. Side B begins with My Garden, a short track with some really nice wah guitar. Strange Girl is a nearly 17 minute track that begins with some beautiful and melodic guitar as the track winds its way around your mind and casually develops into a really psychedelic soundscape trip. Very cool way to end the record. Amazing track. For those who dig Syd Barrett, The Pretty Things, early Pink Floyd, Baby Woodrose. Released in 2005!)