The Horde – Press Buttons Firmly

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The Horde – Press Buttons Firmly

Undoubtedly the most exciting mid sixties garage album to be recently discovered in the genre, is that by The Horde from North Carolina. The existence of this self produced album came to collectors’ ears and eyes in 2012. It was recorded more or less accidently in early 1967, released in a micro quantity of only 25 copies and among the local US garage albums of the decade it is one of the few eclectic examples with all the ingredients that makes it outstanding compared with the usual prep-school albums of the time. It contains a blend of exciting originals and well chosen, inspired covers (a.o. of songs made famous by Love, Blues Project and The Stones), played in a raw, crude and frantic style. If ever it were true that the over-used assertion that a band’s cover versions measured up to the originals, then it is true of The Horde. Why? These five 19-20 year old students from all over the United States did not only blaze a trail for ’60s rock in then conservative North Carolina, they also had a general attitude that finds its origins in the young peoples’ mindset of the mid-sixties that put them outside of the local mainstream and gained them a sort of regional underground popularity.
This CD has 4 bonus tracks. TRACKS: 01. Troubles 02. Cuttin’ Out Time 03. Press Buttons Firmly 04. My Flash On You 05. Steve’s Song 06. I Can’t Keep From Crying 07. Tell Me 08. 7 And 7 Is 09. Smokestack Lightnin’ 10. Gloria. BONUS TRACKS: 11. No Need To Wonder Why 12. Press Buttons Firmly (different version) 13. Frog Street 14. VD’s Thing