Slapshot – Olde Tyme Hardcore (White vinyl)

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Slapshot – Olde Tyme Hardcore (White vinyl)

(Vinyl reissue of the 1996 album, Olde Tyme Hardcore, from Boston’s premier hardcore band which kicks things off with a sound bite from the classic 1977 hockey film the band was named after. The album also has a bittersweet place in the band’s history as singer Jack Kelly disbanded the group a day after the release of Olde Tyme Hardcore. Allmusic sums up the album as “Furious slabs of straight-edge fury with the wild-eyed abandon of true believers tempered with a bit of wistfulness.” The 10-song set is highlighted by the fiery cover of SS Decontrol’s “Get It Away”.

The original vinyl version of Olde Tyme Hardcore was a single pressing for the European market and it sold out in the first week with prices soaring to over $100. Now it is being made available for the very first time in the USA courtesy of Taang! Records)