Quatrain – Quatrain

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Quatrain – Quatrain

Sardonic psych-folk essai from this late sixties US band. Their self-titled album was released on the small imprint Tetragrammaton Records a subsidiary of The Campbell Silver Cosby Corporation founded in 1967 by no one other than comedian Bill Cosby. The four piece was based in Los Angeles and their sole album has been produced by king mida David Briggs, long time associate of Canadian star Neil Young. Electro-acoustic souvenirs, ghostly apparition on the sunset strip, the LSD culture was here to stay and the four piece never let you down with a bunch of dark ballads and rough mid tempo that sounds like an off kilter version of The Doors. A bad trip on a lost island, depicted by the freshness of the sixties beat, the pure essence of the early garage sound and a more poetic and affordable songwriting: almost a ten years fast-forward into the psychedelic culture.