Not Moving Light/Dark Singles And Eps 1982-1987

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Not Moving Light/Dark Singles And Eps 1982-1987

(Collected on a numbered limited edition double LP set, finally available are the complete singles and EPs of possibly the greatest Italian “garage” band of the Eighties. A breathtaking set of wild recordings from 1982-1987, including the first two 7″, originally out on the Electric Eye label, plus Land of Nothing (mini LP) and two 12″ EPs , released on Spittle records. Not Moving played a deep mixture of primitive punk, blues and rock’n’roll, with a highly distinctive personality, miles away from the usual mid eighties “psychedelic revival” cliche’. Tracks – Side A: 1. Dolls 2.Wipe Out 3. Baron Samedi 4. Make Up 5. Behind Your Pale Face 6. Psycho Ghoul 7. Everythings Ends Here 8. Double Mind Side B: 1.Lights Of Night 2. In The Batland 3. Youre Gone Away 4. Land Of Nothing 5. A Wonderful Night To Die 6. Pipeline Side C: 1. Crawling 2. Eternal Door 3. Goin Down 4. I Just Wanna Make Love To You 5. Sinnermen Side D: 1. I Want You 2. New Situations 3. Surfin Dead Blues 4. Spider 5. Break On Through)