The Nerve – Seeds From The Electric Garden

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The Nerve – Seeds From The Electric Garden

(This release is not only gonna blow your socks off but its gonna rip your pants over your head as well!! The Nerve were part of the UK mid 90’s Mod/Beat/Psych scene along with such acts as The Clique, Mystreated and The Mourning After. They appeared on a few compilations and released a couple of successful singles but soon grew disenchanted with the scene and split up. What we have here is a collection of their best work. Features single tracks, compilation appearances and some rare and unreleased tracks. If youre sat there asking yourself what they sound like – give this a go: Awesome 60’s influenced Psychedelia combined with snappy tunes, fantastic vocal harmonies and great musicianship. I really cannot do this album justice by writing about it – it truly has to be heard to be believed – its that good!! Get your pre-orders in now because this baby aint gonna last long!!!! So come on in to the Electric Garden – its a real fun place!
Ltd Ed Green Vinyl!!)