Mops – Exit

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Mops – Exit

One of the inumerable bands to emerge from the post-Beatles Japanese tour of 1966 with Fab Four pretentions. The Mops were a Tokyo quintet led by drummer Mikiharu Suzuki who had cut his musical teeth in a Ventures-style combo in the previous spring. The line-up was augmented by the arrival of Suzuki’s older brother, Hiromitu, a lead vocalist with an Eric Burdon obsession who added hugely to the bands fuzzy garage soul sound. Not just a Merseyside homage turn, the Mops were a dedicated family whose love of garage rock and the nascent psychedelia would help them to create some of the most urgently deranged and muscially disruptive music of the entire Group Sounds era. Exit, the a live recording, features in its entirety the bands 1974 last concert at Nakano San Plaza.
Side 1:
1. Introduction
2a) Walk Dont Run
b) House Of The Rising Sun
c) San Francisco Night
d) I Love You
e) Somebody To Love
f) Asa-Made Matena
g) Purple Haze
h) Iijanaika
i) Tadoritsuitara Itsumo
3. Exit.
Side 2:
1. Wara No Kotoba
2a) I Want To Hold Your Hand
b) Boom Boom
c) Sea Of Joy
d) To Love Somebody
3. Nobody Cares
4. Asa Made Matenai”
LP, 2012 Reissue, Unofficial Release