Killer Penis King of Slaps

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Killer Penis King of Slaps

(KILLER PENIS was born as a "TURBOJUGEND" band-style project in winter of 2011, created by Marvin (vocals) and GG (rhythm guitar).
After several attempts and several lineup changes, they finally got Lorenzo on lead guitar, Cristiano on the drums and Ermy (ex-Blood ’77) on the bass.
They played an explosive mixture of ’77 style Punk Rock, Glam Rock, Hard Rock and Scandinavian Rock’n’Roll, due to the different musical taste of the members.
In early July they start their live activity, in a short time Killer Penis stood out in some festivals gigs (Le Pinete Rock n Roll fest, Twist Off V, Rolling Hills Festival and Tears Valley Rumble) and in most famous clubs around north-central Italy. In October 2011, they recorded their first album “HELL IS MY PLACE” (Revenge Events Record/Lamette Records), released then in May 2012.
In July 2012 Cristiano left the band so Killer Penis changed again their line up, Ermy left the bass strings to turn to the skins of the drums and his place was taken by David!
After a few shows, Ermy unfortunately left the band for personal reasons and Puccio took his place!

In September 2013 they recorded their second album "KINGS OF SLAPS" that will be released in February 2014!)