Indigesti – Osservati Dall’inganno (Black vinyl)

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Indigesti – Osservati Dall’inganno (Black vinyl)

Solid black vinyl limited to 600 copies.
Deluxe reissue of this mandatory hardcore masterpiece, finally back on vinyl after almost 20 years! Undoubtedly one of the top 5 greatest albums in the history of 80’s Italian HC, right there with titans like Raw Power, Negazione, Wretched, CCM and Impact. Highly original song structures where energy, speed and melody embrace each other in an outstanding visionary vibe. Quoting MRR: “Non-stop intensity comes from this longtime Italian outfit. The powerful music is complex and at times awkward due to the band’s capacity in integrating leads and riffs that create some great, hard-hitting melodies. BAD BRAINS-type vocals add to this tight, original, impassioned release. This puppy shreds”. Transferred from the original 1/4″ master reels and specially remastered for vinyl, sounding better than ever with louder vocals and enhanced features lacking in the previous versions. Housed in a luxurious gatefold sleeve with scratch resistant matte lamination, including 11″x11″ booklet with photos, lyrics in italian/english and paintings of the time drawn by singer Rudy Medea, very much in keeping with the hermeticism of his lyrics, and A2 poster reminescent of TVOR’s promotional poster from the 80s. A top notch classic that can’t be missing in your collection if you love Italian hardcore in its best shape.