I Barbieri / I Fenomeni Battle of the Bands (Blue vinyl)

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I Barbieri / I Fenomeni Battle of the Bands (Blue vinyl)

(Another gem is now available to the public: finally two of the greatest contemporary Italian Beat bands are captured on the same vinyl! A warning for any cool DJ around: each band comes with two dance-floor killers!!

On the ‘Barbieri’ side, you can listen to ‘Fuoriclasse’, a Garage stomp classic originally recorded by The Sonics as ‘the Hustler’ (1965), which is here sung in Italian and more powerfully than ever. The second track is ‘Ritornerai’, a cover version of ‘She Told Me Lies’ (1984) by Chesterfield Kings sung in Italian and performed with a refreshing energy: you’ll love it!

If you still happen to survive this side, turn your record and play the ‘Fenomeni’ side.

The firs track, ‘Una Donna Vera’, is the Italian version of a classic garage-psych gem ‘Action Woman’ (1967) by Mineapolis-based cult band The Litter. As a last song of the EP, ‘Acqua Sporca’ is a fantastic rendition of a classic of The Standells ‘Dirty Water’ (1966).

Last but not least, this 7″ EP comes in a limited edition of only 333 copies (100 on blue vinyl)!!

So hurry up if you don’t want to miss it!! )