Dayglo Demons Dayglo Demons

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Dayglo Demons Dayglo Demons

(Dario Troso (maybe better known as Gopher), born in 1971, is without a doubt one of the most eclectic figures in the Italian underground scene, since more than 30 years.
After working his way up in the local punk rock scene of Southern Apulia, Italy, since he was very young in 1983, he’s been a squatter in the legendary Isola Nel Kantiere in Bologna, a rapper in the hardcore combo Isola Posse (later Sangue Misto) and with the Neo-Ex project together with Kaos, a drummer and singer in the rude boy reggae scene, founder of the Wastasi label, later also a vinyl shop, who dealt with punk and reggae, a 45 rpm DJ in the Northern Soul, Funk and Rhythm & Blues scene, a producer of instrumental and experimental jazz-funk albums, going back then at full speed in the punk rock scene, which he never gave up, as a drummer and singer for The Fakirs Bay, touring Italy and Europe.

Now he’s back with a new project by the name of DAYGLO DEMONS, a mad and
enchanting kaleidoscope of genres, all filtered through the lens of a livid punk
attitude, which is the only constant in his musical life)