Buddy – Holly Buddy

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Buddy – Holly Buddy

(Now enhanced with a bonus CD. Double feature album collecting two great pieces of rock history: Side A is the 1958 album originally released as “Buddy Holly”, just a few months after his 1957 debut, “The Chirping Crickets”. It was also tragically the last album ever to be released during his lifetime (he died in 1959). It featured his hit “Peggy Sue,” plus many of the songs he is best remembered for like, “”Im Gonna Love You Too”, “Everyday” and “Rave On”. Side B was actually recorded in 1956 in Nashville, just before Holly became a superstar. Although these sessions were not even recorded a year prior to his debut album, the sound here is very different. It is slower and much more country oriented, showing a Buddy Holly who was still looking for his trademark sound. He hasnt quite cracked the code, but fans will be interested in hearing what went into the making of a rock & roll legend. Especially interesting are a countrified version of his hit “Thatll Be The Day” and a long lost rock & roll classic, “Rock Around With Ollie Vee”)