Boohoos Here Comes The Hoo (1986-87)

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Boohoos Here Comes The Hoo (1986-87)

(Around the middle of the controversial 1980s, in the so-called Belpaese of Italy there were still many who doubted that rock music could really come from the guitar strings of our own musicians. Despite strong evidence, especially in the punk / new wave scenes, the first thing that anyone looked at was your genetic and cultural predisposition to live genuinely and intensely, and not your ability, or lack of ability, to play that dirty, aggressive and grating R&R that had its roots in the Detroit of MC5 and the Stooges, with a nod to the Big Apple of the New York Dolls, the Heartbreakers and the Dead Boys, while also dipping into British glam rock. When the Boohoos made their first demo tape, "Bloody Mary", in the summer of 1986, many sceptics raised whiteflags of surrender. Someone wrote, "The cursed rock is at home even in Pesaro".
And today, twenty years later, Spit/Fire (a sub-label of Spittle), has finally compiled all this in an unbelievable CD, which includes their first demo, first mini-LP and first LP!)