Blitz – No Future For April Fools: Live At The Lyceum 1982

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Blitz – No Future For April Fools: Live At The Lyceum 1982

(Blitz were among the most influential punk bands ever. It was Gary Bushell (who wrote for Sounds and was later dubbed the ‘Godfather of Oi!’) who brought the band to the attention of his friend Chris Berry, who had just set up No Future records with a bank loan and high hopes. No Future 001 (and Blitz’s debut release) was a 4-track EP titled ‘All Out Attack’, a 20,000-copy bestseller that made the label’s fortune, later to become the most representative of the whole UK82 movement. Its follow-up, ‘Never Surrender’, reached number 2 on the Indie charts, while their 3rd EP, ‘Warriors’, showed their slight move towards the sing-a-long style of classic Oi! Recorded live at the legendary Lyceum in London in April of 1982, just after the release of their second 7″ (with a few tracks from the Skunx club in Islington recorded a few weeks later) this is the band at their absolute live peak. Crucial UK OI! recorded live, the way the genre was meant to be heard, with a beer in one hand and the other with a fist in the air. Blazing and brutal and classic UK82.
1. Razors In The Night
2. Attack
3. Escape
4. Never Surrender
5. Nation On Fire
6. Warriors
7. Someone’s Gonna Die
1. 45 Revolutions
2. Fight To Live
3. Youth
4. New Age
5. Bleed
6. Cabaret
7. Warriors
8. Vicious)