AA VV Psych States: Mississippi

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AA VV Psych States: Mississippi

(Psychedelic States: Mississippi In The 60s- We head to the great southern state of Mississippi where we have found over 20 never before compiled tracks and a lot of others that havent been heard in decades!! Chock full of never before seen photos of many of these great bands.. The tracks are:
1) Love- Ravin Blue
2) Love Is A Necessary Evil- Kicks
3) Catch That Girl- Soul Shakers
4) Good Bye- Soule Survivors
5) Seven Different Ways- Strags
6) Somebody Help Me- Lancers
7) When You Brought Me- Reets
8) Dont Go Away- Kelts
9) Fed Up- Herdsmen
10) No Other Love- Continentals
11) Its Not Real- Ravin Blue
12) I Wanna Be Your Man- Sandpypers
13) You Can Live It Up- Ricks Continentals
14) Bad Girl- Riviaires
15) Come Inside My Heart- Missing Links
16) Go Away Go Away- Kicks
17) Hey Girl- James & The James Gang
18) Im The Place- Bob Morrison
19) Yard Dog- One Way Streets
20) Psychedelic Soul- Strags
21) Death Angel- Substantial Evidence
22) Shadows- Soule Survivors
23) It Really Works- Soul Shakers
24) Youve Got To Forget Her- Lancers
25) My Baby Dont Care- Phinz
26) Colors- Ravin Blue
27) Cant Find A Way- Joe Frank & The Knights
28) I Dont Think- Bridge)



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