AA VV Mondo Hollywood O.S.T.

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AA VV Mondo Hollywood O.S.T.

(Released in the summer of 1967, this oddball documentary focused on the more unconventional inhabitants of Hollywood, such as multi-millionaire Lewis Beech Marvin III (founder of the mysterious Moonfire cult), celebrity hairdresser Jay Sebring (later murdered by the Manson gang) and psychedelic pioneer Richard Alpert (an associate of Timothy Leary at Harvard). It’s equally unconventional soundtrack boasts a rare performance from cult singer-songwriter Bobby Jameson, as well as garage rock from The Mugwump Establishment and weird and wonderful contributions from numerous other denizens of Tinseltown, and makes its 180g debut here.
Side 1:
1. The Mugwump Establishment – Mondo Hollywood (City Of Dreams)
2. Mike Clifford – The Magic Night
3. Davie Allen & The Arrows – Moonfire
4. The Riptides – Last Wave Of The Day
5. Bobby Jameson – Vietnam
Side 2:
1. God Pan – Great God Pan
2. Darrell Dee – You’re Beautiful
3. 18th Century Concepts – Magic Night March
4. Teddy & Darrell – Beast Of Sunset Strip
5. The Mugwump Establishment – Mondo Hollywood Freakout)