AA VV Bored Teenagers VoL.11

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AA VV Bored Teenagers VoL.11

(Wow here it is….. The eagerly awaited next instalment of this highly collectable and cult series. We pride ourselves as the Pebbles series of the Punk Rock scene… In this latest volume we have done something a little different as we have compiled rare tracks from ENGLAND and SCOTLAND.

So let the battle commence… Opening up side 1 we have THREE UNRELEASED tracks from London’s Small Wonder Punk trio THE ZEROS. This was supposed to be the bands follow up to "Hungry / Radio Fun" but for reasons unknown it was shelved and stayed unreleased until NOW! When our off-shoot ‘Only Fit For The Bin’ label released "Lost Boys" last year, it should of had all the bands recorded output as these tracks were thought to have been lost forever but as fate would have it, the tapes were found AND BELIEVE ME, these THREE tracks are absolute PUNK ROCK killers and blow away their debut single! The next three tracks are by one of St. Albans earliest punk bands, TANYA HYDE & THE TORMENTORS. Forming in 1977 they played all the punk haunts except for the Roxy. Their style was unique and was fronted by Tanya Hyde (she went on to release a solo single in 1979 but this wasn’t Punk). These tracks featured here have NEVER been released before and came from the bands original demo tape that they recorded back in ’77. Side 1 ends with Luton’s underdogs ACME ATTRACTIONS who released one great single back in 1980. Here you have the A-Side from that single and a totally unreleased track by them … TURN IT UP!

Now for the Scottish side, first up is a totally unknown band from Edinburgh called BAD WEEKS. Formed in 1979, this band delivers some great in-yer-face PUNK ROCK. I bet you a few hours later you’ll be still humming these tracks! Moving on we have RED LETTERS, yet another obscure band hailing from Newton Grange in Midlothian. This band released a very rare single back in 1979 that featured three great tracks. On this volume you are treated to the first track from that release and a TOTALLY UNRELEASED track from that same session. Just try tracking down an original copy of that single! The next two tracks are by one of Scotland’s longest running Punk outfits, yes, we bring you FIRE EXIT. These tracks featured here have NEVER been heard before as they were the bands very earliest recordings and were NEVER released until now! They even pre date the band’s debut single! Gerry hasn’t heard these tracks since the day he recorded them as they were on an old reel to reel that he unearthed last year. Side 2 closes with SEDITION 81 who hailed from Glasgow and has gone down in Scottish punk folklore as they released a VERY VERY limited single in 1981 and is one of the hardest singles to find. They rarely come up for sale on the market. So here it is, both sides in all its glory! Teen Punk Rock!

Once again it comes with its usual A5 16 PAGE BOOKLET that is crammed full with all the liner notes from the band’s themselves and features rare and unseen photos.

Side 1
1, The Zeros – Chingford
2, The Zeros – Easy Way Out
3, The Zeros – Nice Girls
4, Tanya Hyde & the Tormentors – Till It Stings
5, Tanya Hyde & the Tormentors – Just Like Your Mother
6, Tanya Hyde & the Tormentors – Sic Sic Sic
7, Acme Attractions – Anyway
8, Acme Attractions – Turn It Up

Side 2
1, Bad Weeks – Boredom Town
2, Bad Weeks – City Life
3, Red Letters – Sacred Voices
4, Red Letters – Princess of the Nightshift
5, Fire Exit – Timewall
6, Fire Exit – Talking ‘Bout Myself
7, Sedition 81 – Royal Command
8, Sedition 81 – Prat Music)