Stinky Rats Discografia

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Stinky Rats Discografia

(Complete discography for this rabid and energetic ‘80s italian band hailing from Torino, mother-town of legends like

NEGAZIONE, DECLINO, NERORGASMO, 5° BRACCIO, ROUGH and tons more. Includes their demo and the first

ultrarare LP “Vergognati” re-mastered from the original studio reels. This record originally came out as a coproduction

between Caos Produzioni (label of Gianmario / WRETCHED) and BluBus, the label run by KINA members. As a matter

of fact STINKY RATS sounds like a perfect cross between early KINA’s speed with a melodic vibe and WRETCHED’s fast

and furious pure Italian RawPunk approach. All trax here are sung in Italian. Comes in a wonderful 20 page booklet

including a lot of never published before graphics and photos provided by the band. Another mandatory official

discography on E.U.’91 SerbianLeague, co-released with F.O.A.D. Records, the legendary Torino-based HC/Punk

zine and label back to life from the ‘80s!


‘Vergognati’ lp (Chaos prod./Blu Bus) 1985

1- Intro/Rifiuto

2- Spara, prega, compra, uccidi

3- Uomo

4- Giorni

5- Bisogno

6- Odio

7- Non pensare

8- Vergognati

‘Urla di rabbia – demo 1984’

9- Rifiuto

10- Uomo

11- Droga

12- Non me ne frega niente

13- Odio

14- Strumentale

15- Regalo del potere

16- Esperimenti al neutrone

17- I nuovi squadristi

18- Fottute armi

19- Vergognati

‘Weekend for maniacs – compilation tape’

20- Bisogno

21- Uomo
22- Odio)