Spina Nel Fianco Sulla Cattiva Strada

April 2005
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Spina Nel Fianco Sulla Cattiva Strada

(Debut album for this StreetPunk combo give us 12 angry and powerful songs between 4 Skins and Oxymoron with GDHC attitude!
Sound Producer & Guest guitar on two songs: Dome La Muerte !!!(ex-CCM e Not Moving…)This is the debut album of this StreetPunk band!! 12 angry songs influnced by 4 Skins and Oxymoron, but with original taste and GDHC attitude.
Sound producer & Guest Guitar on 2 songs is Dome La Muerte (ex-CCM and Not Moving)!!
Recorded and mixed at the West Link Studio!!!


Spina Nel Fianco were born in 1998 in Pisa as a Punk Rock band particularly inspired by the OI!-StreetPunk scene. With the original line-up
(Phantomas/guitar, Davide /drums, Massimo Rude/bass, Mirko P./vocals), they record two songs including in the DIY compilation Cd “Scorie”(Area Pirata distribution).
Due to an unstable line-up the band couldn’t have enough material to play live until early 2000.
With the coming of Mirko B. as vocalist and Luca (former Traumatic and S.D.P.) as drummer, Spina Nel Fianco can enlarge their repertoire consolidating their strong social struggle contents. They definitively take side as an antifascist, antiracist and anticapitalist band. They start with the concerts and they get to about 30 shows by the end of the year .
Spina nel fianco will be playing in numerous events of squatting and some public places, supporting bands like Klasse kriminale, Peawees ,Los Fastidios, Templars, Fall Out, FDF etc….
In July 2001 Spina nel fianco splits and only after several months of inactivity Andrea (vocals) and Giuliano (drums) finally join the band making it the ultimate and actual line-up.
Since then the band has resumed a full activity, going on with the concerts, sweating and cussing and the writing of new material till the release of this debut album!!

1) La Verità 2) Sotto Controllo 3) Spina Nel Fianco 4) Fuori Dalla Gabbia 5) Scenderemo Nelle Strade 6) Sulla Cattiva Strada 7) Riprendi La Tua Vita 8) Porci In Divisa 9) La Vostra Follia
10) La Solita Faccia 11) Società Assassina
12) Figli Dell’Officina


Internationational Punk/HardCore WebZine 12/07

Decent Italian band, half-way between Oi!, punk-rock and Hardcore. Sounds a bit

like ENDSTAND, SICK OF IT ALL, and some other Oi-core bands. Pretty good

socially aware lyrics.