4 Past Midnight Trials and Tribulations

December 2004
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4 Past Midnight Trials and Tribulations

(New album for this great scottish combo where Cockney Rejects and Partisans meet Conflict!)This the bio written by the drummer/vocals of the band, Peter South:
for those who have never heard of 4PM , We hail from Glasgow – Scotland in the Uk
We are a 3 piece Street Punk band who consist of – (peter drums & lead vocals) – (wullie bass guitar) – (fred lead guitar) – We have been around since 1989 – We have had many releases out and played with many great bands – anti nowhere league – vice squad ect ,
We gather our influences from mostly the early 80s punk scene , exploited – discharge – conflict – cockney rejects – and many more . We pride ourselves as being a passionate band, who put 100% effort into produceing good strong meaningfull music!!
Our New Album – TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS – Is our 4th album and its a big turning point for the band and its simply a cracker , Filled with really meaningfull and tunefull anthemic songs such as -4 PM CREW, FIGHT AND UNITE , MAJORS ON THE STREET , to the more hard hitting tracks like , END OF THE LINE , VICTIM , ALL FOR FREE , sending the message home .
If you like Real Punk Rock with a message , And not the commercial pop punk bollocks the music industry throws down our throats , Then this is for you ….14 tracks plus a bonus track , of fuel injected, singalong, in your face, PUNK ROCK!!