X Ray Cat Trio – I Lied

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X Ray Cat Trio – I Lied

(Follow up to the ‘Out For Blood’ debut album from this bunch of Leeds based greasy rock ‘n’ roll miscreants; that debut was a beautifully crafted collection of vintage r’ n’ r, instrumental surf licks a certain Mr Dale would be proud of, and bad to the bone rockabilly psychosis that had quiffs poppin’ and tattoo guns hammering hard.

This 4trk follow up available via Killjoy Records (Germany) on neon yellow and neon pink (50 of each – don’t wait around!) delves further into desperate rock ‘n’ roll vaults inhabited by the likes of The Cramps, Link Wray, The Sonics, and Th Legendary Shack Shakers; the result being 4tracks of dripping raw wigged out sonic mayhem all captured on a vintage 16 track reel to reel.

Opener, and title track ‘I Lied’ could easily have been lifted from The Sonics debut masterpiece, a simple pounding beat, a seriously mangled fuzz guitar is being abused in the corner whilst bursts of brass add to the chaos, and that’s all before the pleading vocal pins your Chelsea boots to the floor…’Ram Raiders’ is a pedal to metal gas guzzling instrumental; if someone had laced Jet Harris with a cocktail of black bombers and Dexys back in the day this is how The Shadows could of sounded, 2mins of adrenaline charged highway rippin’ that somehow manages to sound like the soundtrack to an as yet to be made Tarantino blood fest!)