Stage Bottles – I’ll Live My Life

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Stage Bottles – I’ll Live My Life

(Germany’s favourite hooligans are back with a full length of new oi anthems to chant along with and released in 2001. Sounding as energetic and full of verve as the STAGE BOTTLES of the past the band delivers songs like "Real Skinhead" in an attempt to instill an anti-racist message with the subculture. And "Punk & Disorderly" should have been a song written ages ago, although not quite the unity song it serves more to demonstrate the differences in the two scenes. STAGE BOTTLES have been at it since 1993 forming out of the break up of BLAGGERS ITA. Politics have always been a big part of their sound and given that the band is a skinhead band it only makes sense that the anti-racist message is how this gets expressed. The new cover is a crushed swastika war medal demonstrating as much. The band is from Frankfurt Germany and with the resurgence in fascist ideals, the STAGE BOTTLES form an important anti-fascist alternative. What sets the band apart from the pack is Olav’s saxophone. It gives the band an eerie BAD MANNERS feel to their skinhead punk beat associating them with anti-racist scenes of the past. But the band is a straight up hardcore punk band with loads of melody. Think BAD MANNERS meets the politics of ANGELIC UPSTARTS meets the sound of BLAGGERS ITA
Track listing:
1. I´ll live my life
2. You never know
3. Come together
4. You´ve never been right
5. I´ve never been so glad
6. A mad man´s world
7. Hope you gonna save your life
8. Arsehole
9. Working in a suit
10. Too young to die
11. Weird life in a strange world)