AA VV – We All Love The Human Race (Fairytales Can Come True Volume 4)

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AA VV – We All Love The Human Race (Fairytales Can Come True Volume 4)

Issued in a clear tray jewel case with an 8-page saddle stitched booklet.
Track times not printed on sleeve art, total time: 54:52.
20 previously uncomped tracks of a popsike nature.
20 rare gems compiled by The Bevis Frond

Released in 2009.

1 Alan Dell – The Blue Sound Of Love
2 Colin Giffin – Changes In Our Time
3 The Projection – The Maze Of Yesterday
4 Justin’s Timepiece– Lonely Man
5 Los Iberos– Hiding Behind My Smile
6 Sasha Caro– Little Maid’s Song
7 Tim Andrews & Paul Korda– Makin’ Love To Him
8 The Haystack– Letter To Josephine
9 Eyes Of Blue– Heart Trouble
10 Newby– I Feel No Pain
11 Cherry Smash– Movie Star
12 Ola & The Janglers– We’ve Got A Groovy Thing Going
13 Dave Berry– Latisha
14 Chris Andrews – Maker Of Mistakes
15 Darlings– Wish You Were Here
16 Modus Vivendi – Six Angels & Three Girls
17 Wayne Fontana– We All Love The Human Race
18 Plastic Penny– She Does
19 John Burness– I Don’t Want You (Any More)
20 Jack Carter – Morning