AA VV – War Is Insanity!

Etichetta: Knock Out Records / Banda Bonnot


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AA VV – War Is Insanity!

That’s an original copy in Mint conidtion of this comp released in 1996!
Transparent red vinyl in gatefold sleeve.
“This record is dedicated to all the people who still suffer social, sexual, political, racial and religious discriminations.”
Knock Out Side
A1 Short’n’Curlies– Marge
A2 Stage Bottles– All You Need Is Hate
A3 Klasse Kriminale– Noi Non Moriremo Mai (New Version)
A4 Fuck Ups– I Don’t Wanna Die
A5 Bullshit– No Retreat No Surrender
A6 Rebels– Red Alert
A7 Red London– Last Throw Of The Dice
A8 Red Alert – Iron Man
A9 Blaggers I.T.A.– Victory To ANC
Banda Bonnot Side
B1 Nabat– Nabat Combo
B2 Resistenza– Leave Or Die
B3 The Toasters– I Wasn’t Going To Call You Anyway
B4 Le Tremende– Messaggio Per Te
B5 Fratelli Di Soledad– Rivoluzione Rasta
B6 Persiana Jones– Minaccia Alcolica
B7 Merry Go Round– Tried To Love You
B8 Colonna Infame– Tu Non Sei Dalla Mia Parte
B9 Snuff – Do Nothing (Live In Roma ’96)