Upside – Upside

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Upside – Upside

(Upside is a legendary hardcore/punk band from Sassuolo near Modena (Italy) that started in the early ’80s and is still performing to this day. They were part of the scene that gave us bands like Stigmathe, Raw Power, Nabat, Dioxina, Cani, No Jap, Hydra, Stalag 17, RAF Punk… In 1983 they debuted on vinyl with ‘Nati Per Soffrire’ 7″ but even before that they recorded the first demo tape with great songs that never came out elsewhere. Political punk verging on hardcore tinged with dark overtones, both musically and lyrically. Very critical, almost apocalyptic lyrics about society. Their music influences seem to merge early UK 82 stuff with Italian HC/punk of the time as well as ’80s Finnish HC, although not as fast as most of their Scandinavian counterparts. If you liked the Link Lärm LP on No Plan records, this could be something for you as well. This LP gathers 10 songs (plus a hidden track) from the demo, remastered, for the first time on vinyl. Comes with a foldout 12″ insert with band photos, lyrics, flyers and band’s history in a deluxe 350 gr laminated cover printed on both sides)