The Thinglers The Thinglers

September 2018
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The Thinglers The Thinglers

(A four-track 7″EP of fuzz, psych and R&B featuring 2 covers and 2 original songs! Amazing debut, from Italy!!
The Thinglers is a 60s garage band born from the ashes of SEUSS, Italian band from Pordenone who made many gigs releasing two album as well!)BIOGRAPHY

The Thinglers are a 60s oriented garage band which has recently risen from the ashes of SEUSS, a former Italian band from Pordenone with a past of intense tours and the release of two albums.

The Thinglers are:

• Matteo de Cicco, the only survivor of Seuss’s original line-up, bass guitar;
• Denis Pinese, who has played with Seuss for some years, guitar;
• Michele Tonus, previously with the local mod-band Coleridge, singer;
• Ugly (the last to join the band and almost ‘resuscitated’ after 20 years of silence), previously playing for Running Stream, The Woody Peakers and the early Grains, keyboard;
• Heino Vetriolo, a long-time friend of Ugly, also drummer and singer with Woody Peakers, The Grains, Tilt-A-Whirl and Seuss, drums.

They are out with an EP containing two original tracks and two classic covers of Hangin ‘out by the Blocks and Come on by Atlantics.

The sound totally complies with the typical 60’s standards, also thanks to the use of vintage instruments such as the classic Farfisa and Vox organs, Fender guitars and amplifiers, etc…

This EP will meet the expectations of all enthusiasts of the Texas sound as well as of those fab compilations like The Pebbles or Back From The Grave!!!
Sylvain Coulon – Dig It! #74 01/2019Quintet fondé par d’ex-Seuss et des vétérans du garage italien, The Thinglers ont plongé dans la fontaine de jouvence, braqué du matos Vox et Fender vintage et enfilé de seyantes chemises mauves pour mettre en boîte ces quatre titres de teen garage foutrement effica-ce, culminant avec la reprise rageuse du "Co-nte On" des Atlantics.