The Bidons Back to the Roost

December 2013
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The Bidons Back to the Roost

(Namely a pretty new beginning though the “mission” keeps the same: bringing the “garage” to the masses entrusted by such deities as The Sonics, The Seeds, Love, Dirtbombs and Fuzztones (with whom they had the honour to share the stage last year), with a decidedly personal mark!!)The Bidons return with "Back to The Roost": Hail to the garage!

Ten enthralling, adrenalin- fueled tracks by the band from Salerno
Well we had left them a year ago while breaking out from a die-hard biddy and now we find them up against a…henhouse?
About a year since their first album, Granma Killer!, the Bidons, a garage rock band based in Salerno are back on stage (though not being unnoticed, as usual) with a brand new album titled "Back to the Roost", recorded by Nando Farro at Metear studios (Capaccio ,UK). A production marking a brand new start, as explained by the pun between the words "roost" and "roots".
Just as naughty and self-mocking as usual, the Bidons devote Back to the Roost to the "chicks" and anyone who loves the garage rock.

Namely a pretty new beginning though the "mission" keeps the same: bringing the "garage" to the masses entrusted by such deities as The Sonics, The Seeds, Love, Dirtbombs and Fuzztones (whom they had the honour to share the stage with last year), with a decidedly personal mark.
The album was recorded by Albino Cibelli (vocals), Nico Plescia and Elijah Prisco (guitars), Ezio Marinato (bass) and Giovanni Schirru (drums) and is the result of a inspirational year: unlike Granmakiller , the new tracklist is in fact featuring original compositions.

It will be released on December 6th 2013 in a limited edition of only 300 copies, so HURRY UP!!

The artwork was committed to LEG a graphic artist from Taranto, whom the band had come across once gigging the Eliogabalo, Fasano, actually hosting one of his exhibits: strong colours, bold strokes matching perfectly with the distinctive personality of Back To The Roost.
The first reviews provide enthusiastic feedback : in an nearly ten-year career made of high-adrenaline rated shows, the Bidons have earned a prominent place in the national garage music scene.

Ten violent, rickety and attractive songs willing to drag you in the rolling , colorful "Bidonmobile", whose titles (Hell, yeah!, Raw, naked and wild, (Shout it down) Burn Down!, to name a few) unravel that "Psychotic Direction" (title of the last track) we are heading to.
The snappy ramshackle "Bidonmobile" in the new lineup (Mario Siniscalco on the drums, Gianmario Galano on the guitar) will travel up and down Italy to bring "garage to the masses" along the upcoming 2014. It will once again be a garage year!

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01 Hell Yeah
02 I Can’t Stand It
03 Raw, Naked & Wild
04 Back to the Roost
05 (Shout It Out) Burn Down!
06 I Don’t Mind
07 Damn
08 Grinning Feeling
09 Get Ready
10 Psychotic Reaction


Patryck Albert – RADIO 103.1/ FR – Garage Band Revisited 12/2013

What a name ? . I can’t translate in French ! Best tracks " I can’t stand it " /

"Raw , naked & wild " open side of 10 tracks album by The Bidons . Dangerous

& weird next followin’ cut " Grinnin’ feelin’ " lead into solid influences like

Golden Shower & The Fuzztones to name a few… The Bidons ‘re not bidon !!!.

Trashy Tuesday – Incognito Music Magazine 01/2014

Welcome to another edition of Trashy Tuesday. This is the day where we live by the old classic rock axiom: "If it’s too loud, you’re too old!"

The Bidons is a band from Salerno, Italy, and this post makes me happy for two reasons. First, it’s Trashy Tuesday and in general that makes me happy. Secondly, I featured The Bidons back in October, 2012. That means I’ve been doing this long enough to have a second go-round with bands enjoy.

The band grabs my attention immediately with "Hell, Yeah!" This track opens with some furious drumming and a wonderfully fuzzy guitar riff. This is the sonic equivalent of someone greeting you by grabbing the front of your shirt and giving you a head butt that makes you see stars. (Hey, it beats being bored to death like with the crap that was celebrated at The Grammys.) This song in particular reminds me a lot of another garage revival band: Jarvis Humby.
The Bidons give me another reason to love what they do (trust me…they give me plenty of reasons) with the title track. Why? Because it features some great rock’n’roll harmonica, and I am a total sucker for rock n roll bands that use harmonica. It’s certainly something I would like to hear more of.

The Bidons fit the bill for Trashy Tuesday. This band makes loud, raw rock n roll that you’ll want to blast out your windows to drown out all the mediocre music all around you. Back to the Roost is available now on Bandcamp, and it will fit very well in your collection next to all the rest of your trashy rock n roll. That’s gonna do it for another edition of Trashy Tuesday. Until next time, you take it sleazy.