No Strange Universi, Sovrapposizioni e Risonanze

September 2023
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No Strange Universi, Sovrapposizioni e Risonanze

(We are pleased to present a new work by No Strange between digital reissues of previous works and previously unreleased tracks.
‘Universes and Transparencies’, ‘The Turtle Trail’, ‘Mutter Der Erde’ for the first time digitally and four completely unreleased tracks on this double digipack CD with new artwork and matt lamination)We are pleased to present a new work by No Strange between digital reissues of previous works and previously unreleased.

No fewer than three of the Turin-based psychedelic band’s works had never had a digital edition, but now this lack is made up for with this double-CD release, featuring no less than four bonus tracks never previously released. Let us proceed in order. The CD reissues Universi e Transparenze 10" released in 2015. In this work, No Strange have paid tribute to some bands that were fundamental to their artistic formation and musical sensibility. We are talking about bands at the turn of the 60s and 70s that had the merit of ‘opening’ their minds. In this perspective, they range from Terry Riley to La Monte Young, from Florian Fricke’s Popol Vuh to the Nice to Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano.
These are not mere ‘covers’ but personal renditions of certain songs, indicative of their historical roots. Songs by authors who have contributed to shaping the choices of the Turin band, from the earliest times, dating back to the most intense period of their existence, materially traced between the 60s and 70s… Distant souls, but always close to us, coloured by dreams.

Then we find Il Sentiero delle Tartarughe, a 2017 album.
This work shows that their creative juices are more luxuriant than ever. It is a record that looks to the future, to the psychedelic music of the third millennium: ethno-psychedelia, folk and avant-garde that alchenically hold together and substantiate this further work. At the same time, however, it is a work firmly anchored in the past, in their aesthetic and creative identity.

No Strange’s latest work that now sees its digital release is Mutter Der Erde, the penultimate work released in 2019.
Definitely the album of maturity for the legendary psych band from Turin. An album of refined beauty, full of a thousand influences and a thousand resonances. Mutter Der Erde is a Hymn to Mother Earth, a song of pure psychedelic mysticism that feeds on a fifty-year musical tradition: from Le Stelle di Mario Schifano to Krautrock; from the Eastern ethnic tradition to the most experimental Battiato. Decidedly inspired, secularly religious, this new work by No Strange celebrates the Earth in terms of water, air, earth, fire and all the other wonders now put to the test by a system that, at high speed, is moving towards catastrophe.
The disc also features contributions from notable musicians, including the shamanic and oracular voice of Armenian-born singer Rita Tekeyan.

Closing the double CD, there are no less than four unreleased tracks.
"Oltre I venti Del Mare" Live at Kraut Rock (Café Sofà in Turin) on 2nd March 2019
"Il Motore Del Tempo", live at Museo d’Arte Urbana in Turin, 6th June 2018
"Zerkalo" e " La Conversione" tracks from 2017 and 2014 respectively