No One Special No One Special

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No One Special No One Special

(This band existed in Arizona 1985-1988. They opened for many great bands back in the day, I only was able to see then play one time when thy opened up for suicidal tendencies at a club called prisms in Arizona the end of the night the town truly hated us suicidal’s invading there town and destroying about 20 hotel rooms and doing a the biggest beer bandit on foot because the casher refused to sell us the beer, so we took about 20 cases of beer from the place it was a night to remember. Anyway N.O.S. thy were really a great punk band. And I have enjoyed the 3 tapes I was given for the past 20 years ,I recently got back in touch with the band and am glad they have agreed to let me release their music. This music is truly great and should not forgotten to the winds of time. So I am happy to finally give this band true justice and share this long lost band to the public. 2 sided insert & 800 Made on Black Wax!)